Novalnet AG

Novalnet Worldwide Payment Solutions


As a leading full service payment provider, Novalnet offers a competitive edge to Oxid merchants by providing all payment-related requirements and other value-added services from checkout to debt collection with a single platform and one contract. Novalnet has been delivering innovative technology enabling more than 13,000 merchants to sell online. Our operations span across EU, USA, Canada Asia and Latin America deploying more than 200 payment methods. Novalnet’s PCI Level 1 certified ‘end-to-end solutions’ allows merchants to remain flexible, as we are able to customize our services to meet their needs saving them resources and enabling them to focus on increasing their revenue and business growth.


Novalnet’s payment engine covers the full payment value chain, enabling Oxid merchants to benefit from following features & services:

- 200+ International payment types including guaranteed (against chargebacks and return debits) Direct Debit SEPA and Invoice payments through one merchant account with one contract and a single seamless integration

- Payment processing worldwide with acceptance of 150 processing currencies 

- Direct payouts/settlements in more than 15 currencies and all information (settlement details, followup payments, chargebacks, payment history, etc.) available (through webhooks)

- Unique risk management engine driven by custom machine learning

- Transaction & turnover monitoring to understand the reasons behind approvals and declines across all sales channels

- Integrated dunning & debt collection

- Fully automated subscription & member management

- Integrated split payments with extensive marketplace management 

- Extensive debtor management 

- One merchant credential for all payment methods to facilitate simplicity and efficiency

- Real time invoicing

- In-house full fledged technical support team with support in multiple languages

Ultimately our mission is to empower the merchants by delivering the most advanced, reliable and scalable payment services in the market by unlocking new ways to optimize their business by offering options beyond payments with our fully automated solutions connecting payment, finance and technology. On a final note, our commitment to usability, security and flexibility is evident in the success and growth of our clients.