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With the rooom 3D Product Viewer for Oxid you can easily and quickly add an interactive 3D product image with Augmented Reality (AR) option to your product page. The plugin lets you integrate 3D content seamlessly without any coding skills.

Your customers can explore the product from all angles in 3D right in the image gallery. It is even possible to see the product in their own homes using AR. Thanks to the state-of-the-art 3D technology, the loading time of your product page will remain unaffected, while user satisfaction will increase.

rooom is the leading platform provider for engaging 3D experiences in marketing, sales, education, collaboration, events and entertainment. The 3D Product Viewer powered by rooom is the ultimate tool to visualize objects in 3D and integrate the digital twins into e-commerce stores. The application runs web-based in any browser – without download or special technology requirements.


  • Level up your product pages with a 3D experience and bring colors, surface structures and product details to life.
  • Include your rooom-generated 3D models in your e-commerce store without any coding skills.
  • Increase your sales and lower return rates with interactive 3D and Augmented Reality views of your products.
  • Improve your page rank with short loading times, higher dwell time, and more interaction on the page.
  • Set your store apart from competitors and offer your customers a unique shopping experience.