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Our BEAWEAR Size recommendation tool helps customers find the right size of clothing by scanning their body easily. BEAWEAR reduces returns, reduces customers size uncertainty and improves their shopping experience. We help brands to reduce return quotes and receive valuable deep tech insights and data of their customers. API plug-and-play solution for quick integration into pre-existing e-commerce shops with body scanning capability for accurate size recommendations and fit predictions seamlessly from any device end user-friendly.

3D Object Studio360 interactive media gmbh3D Object Studio

(DE) Die 3D Object Studio Lösung ermöglicht die mühelose Erstellung und Ausspielung von interaktiven, immersiven Produkttouren. Immersive Produkttouren bieten das Eintauchen in ein umfassendes, fesselndes Produkterlebnis und bewerben die Produkte interaktiv und greifbar, um Kaufentscheidungen positiv zu beeinflussen. Erweiterte Realität/Augmented Reality (AR): Unser 3D Object Studio verfügt zudem über eine leistungsstarke Augmented Reality-Engine, die es ermöglicht 3D-Objekte virtuell in der jeweiligen Umgebung zu platzieren und dann mit den Objekten zu interagieren. Die User werden so durch einen schrittweisen, frei definierbaren Auswahl- und Kaufprozess geführt, um ihr ideales Produkt zu ermitteln. (EN) Our 3D Object Studio solution enables effortless creation and distribution of interactive, immersive product tours. Immersive product tours provide a comprehensive, engaging product experience, promoting products interactively and tangibly to positively influence purchasing decisions. Augmented Reality (AR): Our 3D Object Studio also has a powerful augmented reality engine, which enables 3D objects to be virtually placed in the respective environment and then interacted with. Users are guided through a step-by-step, freely definable selection and purchasing process to determine their ideal product.